The English "aerobics",meaning "aerobic"or "aerobic in fact,aerobic exercise, is mainly involved in the energy supply of oxygen,sports major muscle which also requires the body group continued for a longer period of time (usually more than 12 minutes) and rhythmic exercise,aerobic exercise can exercise cardiac, pulmonary,cardiovascular system can be more effective,more rapid delivery of every part of oxygen to the body. t25 videoThrough regular aerobic exercise, the heart will be more healthy,stroke volume is larger,you don't need a lot of each part of the body of oxygen pulse rate.The quality of aerobic exercise is good people can participate in high intensity exercise,a long time,he (she) motion recovery. t25 reviews Aerobics,aerobics (aerobics) characteristics of aerobic exercise,to the accompaniment of music,can exercise the body fitness.It must also be a continuous time,exercise for at least 12 minutes.t25 calendar Broadcast gymnastics,aerobics (aerobics) than the Coffee operation,they can only be considered aerobic exercise.Broadcast exercises,operation effect Coffee far aerobics effect is very big.Aerobics training matters needing attentionThe 1 step. t25 workout The beginning,you should walk,so that there is sufficient time to adapt to the body and lower extremity. Not too long,10 minutes is appropriate.Before walking pace,do warm-up and stretching exercises,especially the lower limbs of moderate stretch is very important.In cold weather,  t25 alpha warm up time to grow,and to wear more clothes.Before,after and measured pace per minute of the pulse rate recording,for reference.After long time exercise,cardiopulmonary endurance will increase the heart rate will reduce the heart back to normal after the movement quickly.Beginners two times a week or three,every day is appropriate.t25 meal planThen it may be appropriate to increase the amount of times,so far,until he felt absolutely not reluctantly.

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